The Blaauw company

The company was established in Bergen in 1704. There was a great fire in 1702 that burned down many of the old warehouses on the west side of the harbour. Since the buildings were rebuilt in 1704, our business has run uninterrupted on the same balance sheet.

The company has been owned by the same family for over 200 years and the ownership has gone directly from father to son in the Blaauw family for five generations.

Through more than 300 years we have been selling and trading all kinds of goods.

Traditionally our main focus was on agricultural products such as fertilizers. Through the 1970's,80's,and 90's we focused on retail.

In recent years we have invested in commercial realestate, and other assets such as bonds and stocks etc.

In 2006 we established a foods wholesaler together with partners. This company was a supplier of over 500 different articles of food to more than 100 shops and restaurants in our area. In November 2010 we sold our 50% share of Mathall AS.

In December 2011 we bought 33,6% of the hardware and tools wholesaler Verktøy Engros Bergen AS (VEB). This company is located with a modern warehouse at an industrial estate (Storebotn Næringspark) at Askøy outside Bergen.
In may 2015 we increased our investment in VEB, and we now have 91% of the shares.

The Blaauw group has a long term strategy and a sound economic platform. We beleive in our business plan and we have great hopes for the future.

The basis for all our business is our philosophy, which has also been our motto for more than 200 years, FESTINA LENTE.